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 Review by: Craver

BeatBuddy Review On OpenMic.USI play a lot of solo acoustic gigs. Sometimes, I'm faced with a party crowd that just wants to dance. I've tried drum machines and computer-based options in the past and they've all fallen short. Enter, 'BeatBuddy,' my new best friend.

BeatBuddy is an intuitive, easy to use, drum pedal. It is feature-packed and affordable.

Drum Sounds - BeatBuddy uses recordings of real drums create its' sound. It really sounds incredible.

Choices - With a huge variety of drum kits and rhythms from which to choose, most situations are covered. If you need more, there are many more kits/sounds available for download from their site.

Setup - Before playing-out with BeatBuddy, I'd recommend working out the right kit/sound/beat combo for each song. Make a note of the settings on your play list, and you'll jump between songs in seconds. When you're ready to perform, just plug the BeatBuddy in-line with your other pedals. It really is that easy!

I highly recommend the BeatBuddy for anyone who needs a drum machine. It's awesome!

Visit the BeatBuddy site.